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Demo Account Features

A free 2 month demo trading account to help Investors and Investment Clubs get started:

. Create 10 price, trendline and technical analysis alerts
. Get an overall view of your broker and bank accounts
. All the basic tools required to setup your investment club
. Watchlist to quickly view charts and alerts
. View multiple charts at once in a display grid
. Create Trading Competitions
. 5 MB of online storage for your documents
. Test trading strategies with Simulated Accounts
. Share, Forex and Spread Bet Demo trading
. Test up to 10 automated simultaneous trading strategies
. Delayed London Stock Exchange Share Price Data
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Live Account Features

Collectively manage the full cycle of your investments - from acquisition through to tax planning and disposal:

. Trade US, UK and European Shares with Real Time price data
. Use Trigger Trading™ Alerts to Execute Trades
. Unlimited price, trendline and technical analysis alerts
. 50 SMS alert notifications per month
. Document library storage capacity increased to 500MB
. Unlimited backtesting of trading strategies
. Unlimited testing of automated trading strategies
. HMRC CGT calculator for Shares, ETFs, Unit Trusts and OEICs
. Generate HMRC Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Return form SA108 and supporting calculations
. Generate HMRC Investment Club Tax Return form 185
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Charts & Trigger Trading™ Alerts: Demo Live
Real Time UK, US and Forex market data no - delayed LSE only Yes
Price, Technical Analysis, Trendline, Candlestick & Volume Trigger Trading™ Alerts Yes Yes
Number of Active Trigger Trading™ Alerts 10 unlimited
Email Alerts Yes Yes
SMS Text Alerts (per month) No 50
Backtest Trading Strategies (per day) 0 unlimited
Active alerts for Executing Automated Trading strategies 10 unlimited
Trading: Demo Live
Trade Shares Demo Only Yes
Spread Bet Forex Trading Demo Only Yes
Trade Off The Chart Demo Only Yes
Use Trigger Trading™ Alerts to Execute Trades Demo Only Yes
Create and take part in Trading Competitions Yes Yes
ISA Trading Accounts No Yes
SIPP Trading Accounts No coming soon
Invest in Unit Trusts and Managed Funds No coming soon
Portfolio Tools: Demo Live
Watchlists Yes Yes
Create Multiple Portfolios for a Consolidated Investment View Yes Yes
Create Simulated Portfolios Yes Yes
Value Portfolios using close, bid, ask, mid prices Yes Yes
Calculate Profit using Pooling, HMRC CGT Rules or Absolute Return Yes Yes
Supported Portfolio Transaction Types:
Shares (Long & Short) Yes Yes
Dividends (Domestic & Overseas) Yes Yes
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Yes Yes
Funds (Unit Trusts & OEICs) Yes Yes
Fund Notional Distributions & Equalisation Payments Yes Yes
Forex Yes Yes
Spread Bet Yes Yes
Investment Clubs: Demo Live
Online Access For All Club Members Yes Yes
Automatic and Historical Portfolio Valuations Yes Yes
Unit Valuation System (UVS) including support for Unit Addition & Cancellation Yes Yes
Generate UVS and Portfolio pdf Reports Yes Yes
One Click Member Subscription updates Yes Yes
Online Document Library Storage for Minutes etc 5 MB 500 MB
Manage Status, Roles & Privileges for Club Members Yes Yes
Create Simulated Portfolios to Track Potential Investments & Club Competitions Yes Yes
Simulated Trading to Test Strategies and learn how to Execute Trades Yes Yes
Generate HMRC Investment Club Tax Return form 185 for all Club Members No Yes
Calculate Individual Members Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Liabilities No Yes
Generate Individual Members HMRC CGT return form SA108 & Supporting Calculations No Yes
Trade US, UK and European Shares No Yes
Automatically Update Member Subscriptions when Member Club Account Opened No Yes
Club members can directly fund their trading account removing the need to open a bank account No Yes
Capital Gains Tax Calculator: Demo Live
HMRC Capital Gains Calculator (CGT) No Yes
Calculate HMRC CGT liabilities for:
Shares (Long & Short) No Yes
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) No Yes
Funds (Unit Trusts & OEICs) No Yes
Fund Notional Distributions No Yes
Fund Equalisation Payments No Yes
CGT Support for:
Share Identification Rules No Yes
Indexation No Yes
Taper Relief No Yes
Listed (Non-Business) & Non-Listed Shares (Business) e.g. AIM No Yes
Carried Forward Losses & Loss Allocation No Yes
Annual Exemptions No Yes
Notification of when you have to make a CGT Return and the Reasons Why No Yes
Generate HMRC Capital Gains Tax Return form SA108 No Yes
Generate CGT Supporting Calculations for auditing and inclusion with SA108 No Yes
Security Measures: Demo Live
Encryption used when Transmitting and Saving Secure Information Yes Yes
Credit Card Billing Fully Managed by Barclaycard Services Yes Yes
User Data Backed up Daily Yes Yes
Servers are Hosted in a Secure Data Centre with: Yes Yes
CCTV Access Monitoring Yes Yes
24x7 Security Guard Presence Yes Yes

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100 text (SMS) notifications £19.99
500 text (SMS) notifications £87.50

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