Income Tax (United Kingdom)

 Year Ended 5th April
If you receive income from UK savings and investments you must complete Self Assessment tax Return form SA100.
The following information provides a breakdown of savings and investment incomes types in the format required for completing SA100.

UK Interest and Dividends

1. UK bank, building society, unit trust, etc. interest/amount which has already been taxed - the net amount after tax. £0
2. Untaxed UK interest etc. (amounts that have not been taxed at all) - the total amount. £0
3. Dividends from UK companies - do not include the tax credit. £0
4. Dividends from authorised unit trusts and open-ended investment companies. £0
5. Foreign dividends (up to �300) - the amount in sterling before foreign tax was taken off. £0
6. Tax taken off foreign dividends (the sterling equivalent). £0

Other Taxable Income

Other taxable income - before expenses and tax taken off. £0
Description of other taxable income:

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